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Cement Repair and Cement Services

Concrete restoration can really make your curbs, patios, and walkways more pleasing to look at. It is easy, convenient and cheaper then replacing a surface. However, in the most extreme cases, complete replacement is the only way restore. Power washing effectivly give your concrete surface new life and renewed color, then a simple concrete sealant can be applied to put more time between your next need to clean or restore.

Totem Lake after installing ADA ramp


Before Ramp

Totem Lake after installing ADA ramp
Renton, WA Apartments installing bumper curbs after Asphalt Patching and Crackfilling
Tacoma Bus Park pouring Concrete for landing gear
Burien, WA Remove and Replace Concrete pool deck
Issaquah, WA Concrete ADA ramp 1 year Later
Kirkland Library Concrete Repair Project
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