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StateWide Parking Lot Services Concrete Truck
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Article in West Seattle Herald

Posted on 03/10/2010

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The Don Armeni Boat Ramp parking lot located at 1222 Harbor Ave. SW. is being repaved by Statewide Parking Lot services under the supervision of the Seattle Parks Department. The work is expected to be complete today, well ahead of schedule. Last paved in 1984 the project is funded through the Capital Improvement Program.

The job was put up for competitive bid and Statewide won the job, bringing in Icon Materials to do the actual asphalt work. The asphalt was being delivered from Auburn.

Jason Frisk, Sr. Recreation Program Specialist for Seattle Parks and Recreation is the project manager. "The job includes the asphalt, some 'Petromat' used in the real tough areas that get broken up. It's a sub-base that goes down and takes care of the alligatoring or cracking up of the asphalt. When you re-asphalt over the top, the cracks don't come up," said Frisk. "We're re-striping it. repaving it, fixing the handicapped parking that was not quite right before, It's surprising that we were able to get it through in two to three days."

Frisk explained the speed of completion, "Asphalt work requires good dry weather to do the work. We saw the limited few days we had which guaranteed we could get it done. The contractor worked quickly to push the job in that small window. It’s worked out beautiful thus far. We had advertised the longer (term) in the case we got bad weather. But with some fishing seasons opening up in April that really directed us to try and complete the job in March."

A crew of 24 worked on the project including primary and subcontract workers.
Don Armeni is one of the largest and one of the most popular boat ramps in the city of Seattle.

The lot should be open to the public by late Friday, March 5.

Read Article in West Seattle Herald >

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