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Ideal Community Service Provider for Milling, Asphalt Grinding, Seal Coating, and More!

Posted on 09/18/2011

Kennewick, Washington is now being served by State Wide Parking Lot Services with our Seal Coating service. Our Seal Coating service will use a mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, mineral fillers and other high quality ingredients to protect the asphalt surfaces of Kennewick from water and damage caused by exposure. Not only will our Seal Coating service protect Kennewick's streets and surfaces, but seal coats also will help them appear their best and provide an ideal surface for painting and marking.


We at State Wide Parking Lot Services are proud to partner with Kennewick and believe that we have the right services to meet the needs of any community. Not only do we offer our Seal Coating service, but we also offer asphalt grinding and milling, parking lot stripping, pot-hole filling, pressure washing, sport courts, fabric overlay, and cement repair. For a locally owned family business, we're proud of the growth that we've seen in our state, and we're proud to bring that growth to Kennewick.

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