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Yakima Lot Paving, Seal Coating, and Asphalt Repairs Offered by Statewide Parking Lot Services

Posted on 09/06/2011

Statewide Parking Lot Services are proud to announce that we now serve Yakima, Washington. If you live in Yakima, and have an asphalt surface that needs a seal coating, contact us at (253) 630-1956 or visit our website and fill out our contact form.

Not sure if you are interested in a seal coating for your asphalt surface? Consider the cost to repair or replace broken asphalt. Now, consider that seal coating drastically reduces exposure to water, air and sun, which prevents oxidation and erosion of asphalt's top layer. No cracks, no repairs, and a smooth, even surface for pennies on the dollar compared to repair costs. If you live in Yakima and have unprotected asphalt, give us a call. Seal coating also works great on asphalt that has small cracks; it seals these cracks and prevents water from seeping down into the base material. Statewide Parking Lot Services can handle all of your asphalt protection needs and we now serve Yakima, Washington. Give us a call at (253) 630-1956 or visit us online today.

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