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Proudly Announcing Statewide Parking Lot Services Now Serves Kennewick, Washington

Posted on 08/07/2011

Statewide Parking Lot Services are proud to announce that we will now be serving Kennewick, Washington. We have 39 years of experience serving our customer's striping and paving needs. If you live in Kennewick and need parking lot striping and paving, give us a call at (253) 630-1956 or visit our contact us via our website.

Parking lot striping and paving is necessary to ensure the safety of those who frequent your parking lot in Kennewick. Crisp, vivid lines of high quality yellow paint allow for long-lasting brightness. However, that is not the only aspect of our parking lot striping and paving packages. We also install speed bumps, crosswalks, loading zones and handicap spots. If you live in Kennewick and have a drab and dreary parking lot that is potentially unsafe, give Statewide Parking Lot Services a call. Create a great impression of your property with sharp, clear lines and have a smooth and safe flow of traffic in your parking lot today.

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