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Rough Parking Lot Filled With Potholes Smoothed by Statewide Parking Lot Services

Posted on 07/23/2011

At Statewide Parking Lot Services, we know that a rough, uneven parking lot filled with potholes is a bad advertisement for your business. Since 1972, we've been smoothing out the rough spots for the state of Washington, and are now ready to serve the Spokane, Washington area. Let us rehabilitate your parking lot with our asphalt grinding and removal services.

Asphalt grinding and removal does away with noisy jackhammers and partial repairs. Our machinery smoothly removes the top coat of old asphalt without disturbing the ground underneath, and then lays down a layer of fresh, new asphalt. Given the weather in Spokane, you can't afford to have your parking lot muddy and unusable for a long time, so we work fast and professionally and get the work done quickly. So make your Spokane parking lot look like new with asphalt grinding and removal services from Statewide Parking Lot Services - doing our part to make Spokane a better place to park.

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