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Bellevue Washington Asphalt Grinding, Repair, and Removal

Posted on 06/30/2011

State Wide Parking Lot Services is proud to announce that we are now offering our Asphalt Grinding and Removal service in Bellevue, Washington. We now offer both full depth and partial depth Asphalt Grinding and Removal in Bellevue, saving you time and money. Our full depth service removes damaged asphalt down to the soil's subgrade without the need for noisy jackhammers, excavators, or undue disruption to the soil. This makes for a faster and less disruptive repair process that saves you money. In many cases, such as an old, improperly laid asphalt overlay or water damage occurring from the top down, our partial depth Asphalt Grinding and Removal process is appropriate. This allows for even more savings as the undamaged base can be left in place while we replace the damaged portions.


State Wide Parking Lot services, founded in 1972, has decades of experience as a specialist in parking lots throughout Washington, including Bellevue. We have worked on pavement jobs ranging from home driveways to Costco and Boeing. We are locally owned and operated, so be sure to contact us for your Asphalt Grinding and Removal needs in Bellevue.


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